Kathrin Schmid


You already have an online presence and still it doesn't work the way you want it to?
Do you also have your target group in mind online? Do your customers already do what you want and perform the desired action? How strongly do you push measures that bring your company forward?
Do these questions already represent a kind of overwhelm or despair and stress you out?
Get in touch and we'll make it easier for you – together!

Often we don't have to reinvent the wheel and with a few tweaks in the backend we can make your existing website fit for the future and competitive again with modern slide elements or parallax effects!

The texts should also be well structured, catchy. No matter if it's contacting you, signing up for the newsletter or buying a product.

Sometimes all it takes is a small-scale redesign.
After that, you simply say again... "and ACTION please!"


Are there still questions?

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Kathrin Schmid