Kathrin Schmid

Magazine & booklet

Can you answer YES to the following 3 questions:
  1. In the Wedding invitation are money wishes of the bridal couple as a gift wish?
  2. Do you wonder if there might be an even better, great, or phenomenal memory as a gift that will stay forever and want to be brought out again and again?
  3. Are you the maid of honor or best man, maybe the best friend and have so many old photos of days gone by and time spent together with/from the bridal couple?


YES - then my offer is probably exactly your your heart gift for the bride and groom for their wedding, what you wished to give!

Most often, a wedding newspaper is created by close friends or relatives , but the witness can also take on this surprise. Witness können diese Überraschung übernehmen.

It is recommended to have a co-donor or a group of a few people who will participate in order to provide enough content, make the work easier through teamwork, and reduce the cost to the individual.


Possible content for the wedding newspaper:
  • Entertaining children's page: profiles & facts
  • Youth & friends: party photos, because together it's more fun
  • The disclosure: The partner test - interviews of the two with instructions for you
  • Report about the marriage proposal, story with photos
  •  Bachelor and bachelorette party, impressions of the days of the two parties
  • Honor the parents of the bridal couple: a dedication and thank you note - can become very personal and at the same time a gift to the parents of the bride and groom.
  • Instruction manual for their new spouse, alternatively you can include a crossword puzzle or jokes
  • Imprint & Editorial: an individual dedication from the giver - that is from you - must not be missing here
  • or similar like individual content can gladly flow into the production

We are happy to discuss a content guideline in a preliminary meeting and share and collect images via an online platform to make the creation crystal clear and transparent.


You like what you see and need a design for a print product?

...then just contact me via Contact form an.
I will answer you as soon as possible!


The special wedding present

Picture quality

Only high-resolution images are used. This includes, camera photos and original cell phone photos that have not been sent through messenger services such as apps and thus compressed in quality. Thank you!

Final print file as a PDF

The final format of the print file as PDF will be sent to you for an 8, 12, 16 or 24-page magazine or stapled brochure.